Darcy Burdock

by Laura Dockrill

Reading Age: 9+

Interest level: 8+

by Laura Dockrill

'Have you ever noticed you’re noticing? Sometimes I notice that I notice so much that I get trapped in noticing my noticing.’

Ten-year-old Darcy Burdock is one of life's noticers, spotting the extraordinary in the everyday and coming up with ideas for wild and wonderful stories. Her lively imagination helps her put her own unique spin on day-to-day family life with Mum and Dad, little brother and sister Hector and Poppy, and pet lamb, Lamb-Beth. Drawing in everything from dealing with the dreaded 'Angrosaurus-Rex', to an unsuccessful attempt to run away from home, and the bittersweet tale of the Octopus and the Beautiful Lady, both boys and girls will find Darcy's bubbly first-person narrative impossible to resist.

Laura Dockrill's first book for children is packed with all the colour, energy and fun that fans of her writing and illustration have come to expect. Young readers who enjoy Tom Gates and Clarice Bean are sure to enjoy the off-the-wall humour and exuberance of this heartwarming, quirky story, which is accompanied throughout by Dockrill's idiosyncratic illustrations. Bold, fresh and deliciously mischievious, Darcy Burdock firmly establishes Laura Dockrill as an exciting new talent in children's fiction.


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Publisher: Corgi Children's


Darcy Burdock by Laura Dockrill 


Have you ever noticed you're noticing? Sometimes I notice that I notice so much that I get trapped in noticing my noticing. I like noticing all kindsof things. The way Dad always steals sheets of ham out of the pack in the fridge and thinks nobody sees him do it. The way our next-door neighbour Henrietta gets so embarrassed after she's told us off that she hides behind the washing line and pretend-innocently hums the tune to one of those soaps my mum watches. The way Cyril, the man who lives across the road, always looks the woman in the flower shop in the eye for ages and ages like they are the only two people in the world that count - even though Cyril has a Mrs Cyril, so obviously don't say I told you.

This is called noticing, I guess.


This book is made for noticers. The curious ones. You know - the ones who peep through spy holes when they're not meant to. The ones who nose into people's front rooms on their walk home from school, the ones who pretend they are doing up their shoelaces when really they are sneakily listening in to a conversation.

About the author

  • Laura Dockrill

    One of the hardest-working and most talented authors and poets in the country today. Laura is indefatigable. Not content with being a poet, she has her own poetry choir. Not content with releasing books of poetry and illustrated novellas, she has just put out a collection of twisted fairytales, inspired by Grimm, Dahl, fantasy, Skins, Shameless, Greek mythology and ghosts, called Echoes. She has been tearing up stages across the country for years now, she's been on ones-to-watch list for a good few too. Laura Dockrill hasn't just arrived, she's taking over.

    Laura Dockrill
    Laura Dockrill

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