Maggot Moon

by Sally Gardner

Reading Age: 11+

Interest level: 13+

by Sally Gardner

In an alternate 1950s, Standish Treadwell is growing up in a Britain dominated by the dark, ruthlessly oppressive forces of The Motherland. Life is hard, but Standish struggles onwards - until his best and only friend Hector is taken away from him, and events take a new and more dangerous turn. Gradually, Standish comes to realise that it is down to him and his grandfather, together with a small band of rebels, to make a stand against The Motherland. In a desperate effort to protect the people he loves, Standish sets out on a heroic mission to expose the truth about a planned landing on the moon.

Combining conspiracy theory and dystopia, this hugely original novel from Sally Gardner will resonate with readers of all ages. Brilliantly-written and very readable, the story is told in the first person, in the distinctive and unusual voice of Standish, who although he is far from the standard 'hero' archetype, soon proves himself to be loyal, brave and idealistic.

A dark and often deeply chilling read, this is also a story full of hope, which speaks compellingly about the value of friendship, trust, courage and freedom. Altogether, Maggot Moon is an unusual, deeply moving and thought-provoking story, which has clear potential to become a modern classic.


Publisher: Hot Key Books

About the author

  • Sally Gardner

    Sally Gardner grew up amongst the drama of London’s law courts, as both her parents were lawyers. Having been branded ‘unteachable’ by some and sent to various schools, Sally was eventually diagnosed at the age of twelve as being severely dyslexic. Sally is now an avid spokesperson for dyslexia; she sees it a gift, not a disability, and is passionately trying to change how dyslexics are perceived by society.
    Sally published her first book in 1993, thus beginning her illustrious career as a writer-illustrator to great international acclaim. The Countess's Calamity won the Smarties Prize in 2003. Her first full-length novel, and a turning point in Sally’s career, was I, Coriander which won the Nestle Children’s Book Prize Gold Award in 2005. Her next novel The Red Necklace was shortlisted for the Guardian Book Prize in 2007, followed by the sequel, The Silver Blade. Her recent book, The Double Shadow, was hailed as ‘an astonishing departure for a writer who has found a new and very distinctive voice’. Sally lives in London.


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Very interesting book! This book seems confusing at first but everything unravels towards the end.

Rating: 5 star
New Jersey
27 July 2015

I have not read this book yet, but it looks cool.

jayden lee
coogee beach
19 March 2015

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Average rating: 2/5