Sky Hawk

by Gill Lewis

Reading Age: 10+

Interest level: 10+

by Gill Lewis

When Callum and his friends find Iona Mcnair on the farm they chase her off - the McNairs are virtual outcasts in the village. Afterwards, worried, Callum follows her and Iona reluctantly reveals her secret: an osprey nest. Terrified of egg-stealers, she’s fiercely protecting it. Drawn to this deeply independent girl, Callum promises help.

Having been ringed by the local nature warden, Callum and Iona follow the osprey’s migration route to the Gambia, then the signal abruptly disappears. And - unexpectedly, devastatingly - tragedy strikes, drawing the entire village into Iona’s secret...

Powerful, evocative writing about landscape and the natural world, and delicately drawn characters existing within the complex nexus of human relationships in a small village are sensitively combined in this absorbing, very moving novel.


Publisher: Oxford University Press

About the author

  • Gill Lewis

    Before she could walk, Gill Lewis was discovered force-feeding bread to a sick hedgehog under the rose bushes. Now her stories reflect her passion for wild animals in wild places. She draws inspiration from many of the people she has had the fortune to meet during her work as a vet, both at home and abroad. Her books have been translated into many languages and won awards including the US Green Earth Book Award and the German Environmental Prize of Children's Literature. She lives in Somerset with her family and menagerie of animals, and writes from a tree-house, in the company of squirrels.

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  • Author Gill Lewis talks about Sky Hawk.

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Average rating: 3/5

What you thought

I think that 'sky hawk' was a great read! I loved the cliffhangers and and the breathtaking parts that only made you want to read more. I disliked the use of some words and word choices. I feel as if Gill Lewis could of used I little bit more of a variety of language. All in all a great read!

Rating: 3 star
7 December 2016

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Average rating: 3/5