The Get Rich Quick Club

by Rose Impey

Reading Age: 9+1

Interest level: 8+

by Rose Impey

Banksy and Baxter are best friends who spend their time devising brilliant plans to get rich quick with the help of Baxter's little brother Sam and cousin Dingdong that often end in disaster. The trouble is they often end up losing more money than they make when they have to sort out the mess they get into.

In the first of two stories the club decides to breed gerbils to sell and ends up with hundreds when they rescue them from their elderly neighbour's house in 'The Genuine Gerbil Factory'. In the second story Baxter discovers a new skill in 'The Happy Hair Saloon' and the money-making duo set up a hair dressers which goes brilliantly until they meet their match with Dingdong's friend Horseface in another hair brained scheme.

These fun stories will have you laughing out loud and thinking up more money making schemes.


Publisher: Orchard Books

About the author

  • Rose Impey

    Rose Impey is known and loved for her series such as Titchy-Witch and Animal Crackers. Her latest story is about three friends and their get-rich-quick schemes. Have you ever calculated how much you would make selling gerbils? And have you thought about the chaos a gerbil factory in your bedroom might cause? Come and find out.

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