Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star

by Petr Horacek

Reading Age: 4+

Interest level: 3+

by Petr Horacek

As Suzy and her friends prepare the tree on Christmas Eve, Suzy notices something missing and sets off in search of a Christmas Star to complete the decorations. A long journey in the winter weather teaches her that all we really need for a perfect Christmas is to be with those we love.


Petr Horacek’s illustrations form a wonderfully festive backdrop to this enchanting tale. His bold visual style conveys the loneliness of Suzy’s quest and her joy when reunited with her gang. A true festive gem highly recommended for seasonal storytimes.


Publisher: Walker Books

About the author

  • Petr Horacek

    I grew up in Prague in the Czech Republic. Just outside our flat there was a wood where I spent lots of time playing with friends. We would climb on piles of soil or build bunkers from forgotten builder's materials. I always wanted to be an illustrator, but I preferred to look at the pictures inside the books rather than to read them. I would listen to the story or watch a film and then fill up my sketchbook with pictures and images from the story. I started to read books quite late, but I haven't stopped since.

    Petr Horacek
    Petr Horacek

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