My Name is Mina

by David Almond

Reading Age: 9+

Interest level: 10-16

The prequel to Skellig

by David Almond

Through a collection of stories, journal entries and meandering thoughts, Mina tells the story of her life so far; of grief, marginalisation, bravery, self-knowledge and love.


Revisiting a character he first introduced in his bestseller, Skellig, over 12 years ago, David Almond explores Mina's background and eccentricities to reveal a complex and resilient spirit who is as endearing as she is infuriating.


Publisher: Hodder

About the author

  • David Almond

    David Almond is the highly acclaimed author of Skellig, The Savage, Clay, My Name Is Mina, My Dad's a Birdman, Slog's Dad and many other novels, stories and plays. His books are translated into almost forty languages and are widely adapted for stage and screen. His numerous awards include the Carnegie Medal, two Whitbread Children's Book Awards and Le Prix Sorcieres, and in 2010 he gained the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international prize for children's authors. David lives with his family in Hexham, Northumberland.

    David Almond
    David Almond

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Average rating: 3/5

What you thought

I read this book for a class project 4 years ago, and I'd never felt more connected to something. I felt as though I wasn't alone, and that it was okay that I didn't fit it like all the other kids at my school, I couldn't put the book down. My teacher even began to call me Mina, I loved her character, but more than anything; I loved how much of a free spirit she was. I have picked this book up countless times since, and enjoyed it equally throughout. It only added to my interest in Greek Mythology and will always be a book I'll love.

Rating: 5 star
6 February 2017

Good book, a bit weird at times though

Rating: 3 star
18 May 2016

Great book... Read it in about 4 days ( I'm a fast reader) and couldn't put it down. So creative and really captures your imagination.

Rating: 4 star
New York
28 April 2016

another brilliant book by david almond, this is a prequel to skellig .

9 November 2014

I love it! Mina's the girl who doesn't fit in anywhere, not even school. Mina sits in her tree, writing down poems, songs and ideas. Some say she's weird, some say she's strange, but really, she's an extraordinary girl with an extraordinary mind.

Rating: 5 star
Tadworth, Surrey
28 September 2014

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Average rating: 3/5