Carrie's War

by Nina Bawden

Reading Age: 10+

Interest level: 9+

by Nina Bawden

During World War II, Carrie and her younger brother Nick are evacuated to Wales and billeted with the fierce old shopkeeper Mr Evans and his mousy sister, Louise. Unhappy in their new home, they are delighted to have the chance to visit fellow evacuee Albert Sandwich at Druid's Bottom, the strange household of Hepzibah Green, who knows magical stories, and Mister Johnny, who speaks a language all his own. But then Carrie makes a mistake - which has terrible, unforseen consequences.


Inspired by Nina Bawden's own experiences of living as an evacuee in a Welsh mining valley as a child, Carrie's War is now considered a modern classic. Funny, sad and thought-provoking, it provides young readers with an insight into some of the complexities and ambiguities of the adult world - albeit with a heartwarming happy ending.


Publisher: Puffin

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Average rating: 4/5

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I love this book & still read it now thirty years after reading it for the first time! Carrie & her younger brother Nick are evacuated during the second workd war to wales & end up living with timid Auntie Lou & her much older brother stern shopkeeper Mr Evans. The children encounter wonderful charecters such as Mr Evans estranged sister well to do Mrs Gotobed, her deceased husbands disabled cousin Johnny, the housekeeper "wise woman" Hepzibah Green & fellow evacuee Albert Sandwich - a Classic British children's story which shoukd be read by every generation of children.

Rating: 5 star
David Bailey-Emerson
31 October 2013


Rating: 5 star
17 February 2017

I think this book is entertaining me lots of time i have read this book five times. The author of this book is mysecond favourite author.

Rating: 5 star
14 January 2017

I love this book it had a lot of description in it :)

Rating: 5 star
17 December 2016

WOW I thought that book was amazing I could read it all day keep it up Nina

Rating: 5 star
14 December 2016

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Average rating: 4/5