The Dunderheads


Paul Fleischman
Illustrator: David Roberts

Miss Breakbone is a terrifying teacher. She hates kids. She confiscates her pupils' precious possessions. Like the one-eared toy cat Junkyard was planning to give his mum for her birthday.

Junkyard's friend Einstein decides that the daring Dunderheads must rescue the cat.
Wheels' bikes, Pencil's drawings, Spider's climbing, Hollywood's night vision, Clips' chains, Junkyard's pork chops, Spitball's spitting, Google-Eyes' hypnotics and Nails' safe-cracking skills work together brilliantly to burgle Breakbone's house and save the cat, which turns out to be much more valuable than it looks...

Branded a bunch of time-squandering, mind-wandering, doodling, Dunderheads, this off-the-wall adventure shows that everyone has a talent. It's a great lesson in teamwork, friendship, bravery and collaboration, complemented by crazily comic illustrations.


Publisher: Walker Books

About the author

  • David Roberts

    David Roberts was born in Liverpool and studied a degree in fashion design at Manchester Metropolitan University. After university he worked as a milliner and began to get work as a fashion illustrator but always felt his true calling was in children's book illustration. After working as a shelf stacker, egg fryer, hair washer, film extra and coffee-maker David finally realised his dream of becoming a children's book illustrator when his first book Frankie Stein's Robot, written by Roy Apps, was published in 1998 and shortlisted for the Mother Goose Award for emerging illustrators.


    Since then he has illustrated works by authors such as Philip Ardagh, Daren King, Julia Donaldson, Jacqueline Wilson, Tom Baker and Chris Priestley. He is also the creator of Dirty Bertie - a litle boy with bad habits.


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