Artemis Fowl

by Eoin Colfer

Reading Age: 10+

Interest level: 8-12

by Eoin Colfer

Twelve-year-old criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl, hatches an ingenious plot to steal all the gold in fairy land. Although a little dubious about the plan - indeed not even quite believing in the existence of fairies - his trusty bodyguard and companion, Butler, is on hand to help. However, they have not reckoned on Captain Holly Short, who as first female officer in the Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance unit, or LEPrecon, has much to prove. When she is kidnapped by Artemis, she is determined to stand her ground and protect the fairy secrets.


This hilarious and exciting adventure story is a deserving favourite with young readers. The unscrupulous Artemis Fowl is such a likable character that you will almost will him to succeed in his dastardly schemes - whilst also rooting for the bold Captain Holly. Colfer's explanations of the structure and technology of his spin on fairy land are absolutely believable, creating an amusing and highly imaginative vision of fairies, dwarves and trolls that is just right for 21st century readers.


Publisher: Penguin

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Average rating: 4/5

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Oh my god, the book is really amazing. This book for both boy and a girl, I just love it

Rating: 5 star
21 June 2016

that story is very good

Rating: 5 star
3 January 2016


Rating: 5 star
29 November 2015

I think that the book was great to read, I really would like to read more of the book because it already sounds like a great story to read. I love it.

Rating: 5 star
19 November 2015

It was a very interesting book. I liked it a lot, and I highly recommend it to those who like fantasy.

Rating: 5 star
1 April 2015

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Average rating: 4/5