by Polly Dunbar

Reading Age: 5+

Interest level: 2+

by Polly Dunbar

Ben is given a penguin as a present. Try as he might, however, he cannot get a reaction from his inscrutable companion.


He pokes him, sings for him and eventually fires him into outer space but to no avail – Penguin still ignores him. Ben loses his temper with Penguin, so a big blue lion gobbles him up.


Ben's saviour appears in an unlikely form causing him to realise that penguin loves him after all, in his own special way.


Polly Dunbar's illustrations are gorgeous and her palette stylish - from the endearing Ben's rosy cheeks to the magnificent turquoise lion who eats him up. A delightful book.


Also available as an app that allows the reader to zoom in on the illustrations and text.


Publisher: Walker Books

About the author

  • Polly Dunbar

    Polly Dunbar studied illustration at Brighton Art School and now lives and works in London. Author and illustrator of Penguin, Dog Blue and Flyaway Katie, she thinks that colour is a brilliant way to cheer yourself up and whenever she's feeling grey, she puts on her best pink frock and paints! Polly is the daughter of the distinguished author Joyce Dunbar who she collaborated with on the picture book Shoe Baby. She is also the illustrator of My Dad's a Birdman, written by David Almond, and Here's a Little Poem, an anthology of poems for very young children. Polly was one of the Best New Illustrators 2008 and Book Trust's fourth writer in residence read her blog. Polly lives and works in Brighton.


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    Polly Dunbar
    Polly Dunbar

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My daughter received Penguin in Bookstart Treasure Chest. We read while she was in the bath, when she came out of the bath, before bedtime and, again, first thing this morning – she thought the penguin was very funny!

Deborah Dickey
6 January 2011

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