Lost Boy

by Linda Newbery

Reading Age: 11+

Interest level: 11+

by Linda Newbery

Matt is startled to see his own initials on a roadside shrine, and is determined to revenge the death of the young cyclist to whom they also belong, who has been killed by a hit-and-run driver, identified by local teenagers as an elderly farmer.


When the farmer mistakes him for his own son, Matt becomes involved in both past and present tragedies, before discovering that legend and rumour can be very misleading, and that understanding and compassion are the best routes to resolution.


In Wil Jones, Newbery portrays a man struggling with the realisation of increasing dementia, and in Matt, a teenager with whom readers can readily identify, and whose conscience overcomes his desire to conform to peer pressure.


A haunting and atmospheric novel that warns against rushed judgements and the power of speculation and popular opinions.


Publisher: Orion Children's Books

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