Flour Babies

by Anne Fine

Reading Age: 9+

Interest level: 9+

by Anne Fine

As part of a Child Development project, each boy in Class 4C is given a 'flour baby', a sack of flour which must be looked after for three weeks, ensuring it does not get lost or dirty. Simon becomes unusually attached to his flour baby - and soon begins to appreciate some of the sacrifices his mother has made for him as a single parent.


This funny story from former Children's Laureate Anne Fine is an established favourite of classrooms and homes everywhere. Thought-provoking and unusual, it cleverly balances episodes of laugh-out-loud humour with some very touching moments.


Publisher: Penguin

About the author

  • Anne Fine

    Children's Laureate 2001-2003

    Anne Fine studied politics and history. She has been writing for both adults and children since 1978, winning numerous prizes including the Guardian Award and both the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread (now Costa) Award twice over. Her work is translated into over forty languages. 

    As the second Children's Laureate (2001-2003) Anne campaigned to raise the profile of public libraries, as well as launching the My Home Library Scheme, encouraging children to build their own libraries at home.

    Find out more about Anne Fine at her website.



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Anne Fine makes you feel like you are there, viewing the story as an observer. I couldn't put it down! Through the school experiment, the son began to realise how difficult it was for his mother to raise him as a single parent. The 'flour baby' demystified his idolisation of his absent father.

Rating: 5 star
17 March 2016

Love it

Rating: 5 star
Ebony Charles
25 August 2015

Hi. I have not read this book, as I can't find it in stores and am not allowed to buy off the internet. but it sounds like a good book to read and I would like to buy it and if anyone could tell me where they bought theirs, that would be appreciated by me. Thanks for the website, it's great. Bye!

Sarah K
Who wants to know?
10 June 2015


Rating: 4 star
30 October 2014

Love it

Rating: 5 star
bot telling
28 April 2014

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