Eating Disorders Awareness Booklist

These books all touch on the subject of eating disorders, and will help young readers to gain an understanding of eating issues.

  • Wintergirls

    by Laurie Halse Anderson
    Marion Lloyd Books
    Wintergirls tells the story of Lia, a recovering anorexic whose recovery is sent spiralling out of control when her former best friend (and bulimic), Cassie, is found dead in a motel room.
  • Summer's Dream

    by Cathy Cassidy
    Puffin Books
    Thirteen year-old Summer has always been passionate about dancing, but when the chance to audition for a place at a prestigious ballet school comes her way, she feels sure her dreams are about to come true.
  • A Perfect 10

    by Chis Higgins
    Perfection. That's the key aim in Eva's life. She works hard to be the girl all the other girls wish they could be: pretty, popular, smart and the queen of her gymnastics clique, the 'Jimmies'. She seems to have it...
  • Butter

    by Erin Jade Lange
    Faber Children's Books
    Bullied at school, and weighing over 400 lbs, Butter feels he has nothing left to live for, and announces he will eat himself to death live on the internet.
  • Pumpkin Pie

    by Jean Ure
    HarperCollins Children's Books
    Some unpleasant comments from girls at school and an embarrassing incident relating to her weight lead a girl to start worrying about her self-image.
  • Girls Under Pressure

    by Jacqueline Wilson
    Random House
    Ellie feels like the ugly duckling beside her slim, gorgeous friends Magda and Nadine. She decides to go on a diet, but she soon gets carried away with her plan to lose weight.