Bedtime reading

Bedtime reading

Sharing books with your baby or child and reading with them at bedtime is a fun, warm and loving experience.

Just by reading aloud together for ten minutes a day, you will see them grow into eager, confident learners - acquiring listening skills and gaining new words that are far beyond their reading ability.

The perfect way to end a day

Babies and children love routine and rituals. The joy of looking forward to a story makes a bedtime routine so much more fun and exciting. Ending the day with a loving cuddle and a book helps a child wind down ready for sleep.

Give them a flying start

Even babies that are too young to understand the story will be soothed and calmed by your voice when you share a book with them. Babies and children who love books and the pleasure of hearing stories and rhymes have a flying start when it comes to learning to read by themselves.

Keep on sharing!

Remember to keep sharing books together even when your child can capably read alone. That way, you can both share in the magic of bedtime reading for many, many years.

Top tips for bedtime reading

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