Bookbuzz 2017

Here are the amazing Bookbuzz titles for 2017! This autumn, students in Bookbuzz schools can choose their own book to keep from this list - and all schools who sign up get two sets of the Bookbuzz books for their library. There really is something for everyone, even the most reluctant of readers, with funny books, fact books, fast-paced action and mystery - and much, much more.


Click on the books below for a review and sneak preview.


  • S.C.R.E.A.M.: The Mummy’s Revenge

    by Andrew Beasley
    This terrifically exciting book has it all – mystery, creepy paranormal baddies and lashings of sharp humour. You’ll be right there with Charley and Billy as they outwit the grown-ups and use their wits in their battle to beat the...
  • The It Girl: Superstar Geek

    by Katy Birchall
    Anna Huntley just moved to London and isn’t the most popular girl at school. But when her dad gets engaged to one of the most famous actresses in the world, Anna is thrust into the spotlight. A funny book about...
  • The Croc and the Sock

    by Claire Evans
    Fourth Wall Publishing
    Croc wakes up and there’s a sock left on his floor: a smelly, wet, dirty sock. Who has left it, and where is its matching pair? An engaging story with a rhyming text and a fun Croc puppet attached to...
  • The Awesome Book of Awesomeness

    by Adam Frost
    This is a super cool non-fiction book, a little bit like a small version of the Guinness Book of Records. It’s packed full of strange and fascinating facts – after reading this book, you will be able to wow everyone...
  • Murder in Midwinter

    by Fleur Hitchcock
    Nosy Crow
    On a cold, midwinter day, 13-year-old Maya spots a man holding a gun. She doesn't know exactly what's going on - but the man looked right at her, and she's been in danger ever since. A fast-paced story with nail-biting...
  • Where Monsters Lie

    by Polly Ho-Yen
    It all began when Effie's rabbit Buster escaped from his hutch. It was on the night of the offering - a tradition in Mivtown to keep the monsters of the loch away from the tiny village. A spooky and compelling...
  • Girl on a Plane

    by Miriam Moss
    Andersen Press Ltd
    Anna has spent the summer with her family in Jordan and is on her way back to boarding school in England. Minutes into her flight, the plane is hijacked. A tense psychological thriller based on true events.
  • Danger is Everywhere

    by David O'Doherty
    Just like this book says, danger is everywhere. Don't worry, though, because Docter Noel Zone (yes, Docter) is an experienced Dangerologist and is here to help you in this fun and very funny book.
  • The Boundless

    by Kenneth Oppel
    David Fickling Books
    Travelling on a gigantic train, The Boundless, Will witnesses a brutal murder - and it is up to Will to save the train. A rollercoaster of a read, with thrilling turns, dazzling characters and non-stop action.
  • Wonder

    by R J Palacio
    Bodley Head
    August ('Auggie') Pullman can't help but stand out - he was born with a severe facial deformity. Written in the first person, Wonder follows Auggie as he experiences more than the usual ups-and-downs of friendships, family and school.
  • The Wickford Doom

    by Chris Priestley
    Barrington Stoke
    Harry and his mum have just inherited Wickford Hall from his father's family. They know it's a grand house by the sea, but when they arrive, what they find is not what they were expecting. This is an atmospheric and...
  • The Blood Guard

    by Carter Roy
    Ronan discovers why his mother has filled all his spare time with classes of every kind, from martial arts to fencing. Think Anthony Horowitz meets Dan Brown and be prepared for a fast and spectacular ride in this first book...
  • Fuzzy Mud

    by Louis Sachar
    Marshall and Tamaya take a short cut home from school one day to avoid the school bully – through the forbidden, completely out-of-bounds woods. This is a fast-paced and exciting story of bravery, friendships, and science gone wacky.
  • Phoenix

    by S F Said
    Lucky is on the run and joins up with a group of aliens - refugees from the ongoing war between aliens and humans - who agree to help Lucky find his father. A thrilling space adventure, full of suspense, action,...
  • Is There a Dog In This Book?

    by Viviane Schwarz
    Walker Books
    Join the cats on this fun, interactive story as they hide from and search for the (spoiler alert) dog that is in this book. Told entirely through speech bubbles and with lots of flaps to lift, this is a book...
  • The Bad Guys: Episode 1

    by Aaron Blabey
    Written like a comic book, this is a very funny story full of action and crazy characters. Reading this book is a bit like reading a cartoon - it's lots of fun and will probably make you laugh out loud.
  • Ocean Animals

    by Johnna Rizzo
    National Geographic Kids
    Get close-up with ocean animals - from sharks and manatees to turtles and blobfish. This book, full of amazing underwater photography, is perfect for any animal lover or aspiring oceanographer.