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Background to YALC

Who organises YALC?
YALC is managed by reading charity Book Trust, in partnership with Showmasters, who run London Film and Comic Con and is supported by headline sponsors Prudential plc.
YALC is also supported by the UK’s YA publishers and Waterstones, who provide a bookshop at the event. Book Trust programme the event on the basis of submissions from YA publishers.


A working group including representatives from a number of YA publishers also play an active role in supporting the Book Trust team with the organisation of the event.


Where did the idea for YALC come from?

When Malorie Blackman was appointed as Waterstones Children’s Laureate in June 2013, the UK’s YA publishers have been looking to set up a YA Lit Convention for some time. As the first laureate primarily known for writing for teens and young adults, Malorie was the ideal person to help them to bring this to fruition. As part of her programme of activity as Children’s Laureate Malorie curated the programme for 2014 with Book Trust’s help, as well as taking part in the event.


Malorie has now come to the end of her term as Laureate, but YALC remains a key legacy for her laureateship. She remains involved as the event’s founder and will be taking part again in 2015.


Why is YALC held at London Film and Comic Con?

We are delighted to partner with Showmasters, who run LFCC, on YALC. As well as attracting those who already love YA books, we want YALC to have a crossover appeal to the many film, TV, comics and gaming fans who attend LFCC, helping to bring YA books and authors to even more young people.


Some attendees from 2014 told us that they would prefer the event not to take place at LFCC, but to be a separate stand-alone event in a different venue. We gave this careful consideration, but ultimately, all involved in the event felt that the event should remain at LFCC.  There are lots of wonderful stand-alone YA book events already taking place in more traditional bookish environments: YALC is all about positioning reading in the wider arena of popular culture.


Why is YALC held in London?  Are there any plans for events to take place in other parts of the country?

We would love to hold events in other parts of the country, and hope to be able to explore this in future, but at present we only have capacity to hold YALC at LFCC. However, there are increasingly many other fantastic YA book events taking place around the country, such as UKYA Extravaganza (Birmingham) or Yay YA (Scotland).

Who sponsors YALC?

Prudential plc are headline sponsors for YALC 2015.


Will YALC happen again next year?

We hope to continue the event on an annual basis: for the latest news on YALC follow us on Twitter @yalc_uk


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Frequently asked questions about YALC 2015

When and where does YALC 2015 take place?

YALC 2015 will take place from Friday 17 – Sunday 19 July at the London Film and Comic Con, which this year takes place at Olympia (Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX)


The show opening times are as follows:


  • Friday 1pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 9am to 6pm
  • Sunday 9am to 6pm

What kind of events will take place at YALC 2015?

As in 2014, the event will include a programme of YALC panel events featuring lots of fantastic young adult authors.


There will also be a programme of hands-on workshops for small groups, book signing sessions with all authors taking part, and fun drop-in activities in the Book Zone. 


New for 2015 is our Agents Arena - the perfect place to find out more about how to get published yourself.


Which authors are taking part in the YALC 2015 programme?

The full list of authors taking part in YALC has now been announced: see the 2015 programme for more information.


Which authors will be taking part on which days of the event?
See the full event schedule for details of which authors are appearing on which day.


Why does YALC feature some US authors?

Although the main focus of YALC is celebrating and raising the profile of UK YA, a few US authors who are visiting the UK at the time of the event will be included in the programme. YALC primarily aims to showcase UK YA books and authors, but also aims to bring international authors to UK audiences.


I heard that YALC 2014 was very crowded - what's being done to address this for 2015?

LFCC in 2014 was one of the busiest Showmasters have ever run. Following the success of the event, Showmasters have been working to help ensure LFCC can better accommodate such a large audience in 2015.


LFCC will be moving to a new venue, Olympia, where it will take up significantly more space, running over three large interlocking halls. This bigger space will ease the crowding issues that some attendees experienced in July.


YALC will be taking place in a larger Book Zone area, with separate rooms for the workshop programme, a larger stage area, and more space for publisher stands. We also have a dedicated entrance for YALC ticketholders until 10am on the Saturday and Sunday mornings to ease queueing and make access to the Book Zone more straightforward. After 10am, attendees will use the main LFCC entrances.


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Frequently asked questions about taking part in YALC

I'm a YA author - how can I get involved in YALC?

We invite UK publishers of YA fiction to submit suggestions for YALC months before the event, and design our programme on the basis of these submissions. Please note that the programme is now full for YALC 2015.

Can I tell people about YALC/write about it on my blog?

Of course! We would like as many people as possible to know about it, so feel free to tweet, blog or chat about this to anyone you think will be interested. You can find us on Twitter at @yalc_uk and #yalc


Are there opportunities for bloggers to get involved in YALC?

We are delighted that there is such a fantastic community of bloggers out there who support YALC! As in 2014, we would love to enlist their help to spread the word about the convention. We hope that bloggers will come to YALC and enjoy the event, and take part in blogger-led initiatives around it, such as the fantastic YALC Readathon from 2014. 

Can I volunteer at YALC?

There are currently no YALC-specific volunteer opportunities available. However, if you are interested in volunteering for Showmasters at LFCC in general, see the information at http://www.showmastersevents.com/index.php/volunteers


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Frequently asked questions about tickets

Is it still possible to buy a YALC ticket?

YALC day tickets for Saturday and weekend tickets are now sold out, but day tickets for Friday and Sunday are still available.  Find tickets in the LFCC online ticket store. Only a limited number of YALC tickets are available so we advise you book soon to avoid disappointment.

Will my YALC tickets give me access to the rest of London Film and Comic Con?

Yes! YALC specific tickets will also give you access to all the other areas of LFCC, in exactly the same way as a standard LFCC ticket - but you'll also get the added YALC extras.


Do I need to have a YALC ticket to come to YALC?

A standard LFCC ticket will give you access to the Book Zone from 3 pm on Friday and from 11 am on Saturday and Sunday. However, you may miss out on some events taking place earlier in the day, and access to YALC panels may be limited as YALC ticketholders will be given priority. If you want to be sure you will get a place at our YALC events, we highly recommend purchasing a YALC ticket!

I already have a standard LFCC ticket - is there a way to upgrade?

If you have already bought a general LFCC ticket, you can still get access to YALC, so don't worry. An LFCC ticket will give you access to the Book Zone from 3.00pm on Friday and from 11.00am on Saturday and Sunday.  However, standard LFCC ticket holders will not receive a YALC goody bag; and access to YALC panels may be limited as YALC ticketholders will be given priority.


We are currently investigating whether it may be possible for those with a standard LFCC ticket to upgrade to a YALC ticket - more information to follow.

What's the deadline for buying tickets?

Tickets will only be available whilst stocks last, so we advise booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Can I buy a ticket on the day?

YALC tickets will not be available on the door: Showmasters are advising all who intend to visit LFCC 2015 to book their entry tickets in advance.


It is possible that a limited number of standard LFCC tickets will be available on the door on Sunday only (please look out for confirmation of this nearer the time from Showmasters) but if you would like to attend, we would strongly suggest you book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

I'm a teacher/librarian/youth worker and I'd like to bring a group to YALC. Are there discounts available for group bookings?

Educational groups of more than 20 people may qualify for a group discount on YALC tickets. Please contact yalc@booktrust.org.uk if you are interested in making a group booking.


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YALC 2015

The Young Adult Literature Convention returned to the London Film and Comic Con in July, 2015.


Watch videos from this year's event and see what you missed.