South American stories

  • A Chapter of Hats

    by Joachim Maria Machado de Assis
    The stories in this collection are beautiful vignettes of nineteenth-century Brazilian life. They sparkle with wit and a maudlin charm leavened by sly humour, but they also swipe at some less appealing aspects of Brazilian society - slavery and prostitution...
  • Hotel Brasil: The Mystery of the Severed Heads

    by Frei Betto
    Bitter Lemon Press
    A number of colourful characters are suspected of murder when a headless body turns up in the rundown hotel where they all live.
  • The Past

    by Alan Pauls
    The Past, by Argentine novelist Alan Pauls, is about obsessive love and self-destruction, and is a strange, unsettling read.
  • The Armies

    by Evelio Rosero
    'Every time I begin to write it is out of desperation’ The Armies, Evelio Rosero’s portrait of the effect of civil war on one rural Colombian village, has a gentle opening that belies the horror to come.
  • Nowhere People

    by Paulo Scott
    And Other Stories
    A young Brazillian student radical picks up a girl on the side of the motorway. From there the pair meet a range of people in an ever-changing Brazil.