Cancer Awareness Month

September is both Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, so our latest booklist features a myriad of books featuring characters who have been afflicted by cancer.





  • The Quarry

    by Iain Banks
    Little, Brown
    Iain Banks's final novel tells the story of a group of old university friends who visit their old friend Guy, a misanthropic 40-year-old who is dying of cancer.
  • Homesick

    by Roshi Fernando
    Thoughtful, melancholic, haunting, Homesick is a collection of interlinked stories which muse on growing up, fitting in and the ephemeral nature of human life.
  • The Electric Michelangelo

    by Sarah Hall
    The Electric Michelangelo is a gutsy and exuberant fairground sideshow of a novel, an homage to the tattooist's art and to the seaside resorts of the early twentieth century.
  • Mortality

    by Christopher Hitchens
    Whatever your opinion of the late Christopher Hitchens, you can't deny he had a way with words. There was a real weight and intensity to what he said. He may not have always said the right thing but he had...
  • How to Breathe Underwater

    by Julie Orringer
    'Outstanding'; 'unbelievably good'; 'pitch perfect'; clear, cool and enticing'; 'subtle and multi-layered': these are just some of the justified reactions to Julie Orringer's first collection of short stories.
  • Unhappy-Go-Lucky

    by Ian Pattison
    Tindal Street Press
    Unhappy-Go-Lucky explores the life of Ivan Moss, a struggling writer who must put his selfishness aside to care for his ailing mother as she battles against lung cancer.
  • I Curse the River of Time

    by Per Petterson
    Everything goes wrong for thirtysomething Arvid Jansen in one autumnal weekend in 1989. With a backdrop of the crumbling of Eastern communism, he is divorcing, watching his mother die from cancer and feels lost.
  • Swamplandia!

    by Karen Russell
    Chatto & Windus
    This exuberant fantastical romp about alligator wrestlers in the Florida Everglades by acclaimed author Karen Russell is, simply put, fun
  • The Sickness

    by Alberto Barrera Tyszka
    In this strange, understated yet compelling debut novel, Venezuelan writer Alberto Barrera Tyszka explores the meaning of sickness: physical, mental and social.