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  • Raymond Briggs: a lifetime in books

    Raymond Briggs has just won our Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 - and with very good reason.


    He's been writing and illustrating for decades and has won over legions of fans with his ability to be outrageously funny but also moving and reflective. He's unafraid to steer children and adults through some of life's big themes, but always in a way that's completely engaging. His stories and drawings live long in the mind.

    Below are some of our favourites, covering a wide range of reading ages - from teeny tots to reluctant grown-ups. If you only know a couple of Raymond Briggs' works, you're in for a treat...


    More on the Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Galaxy Quick Reads 2016

    One in six adults of working age in the UK find reading difficult and may never pick up a book. People's reasons for not reading are varied: some people say they find books intimidating, that they struggle to find the time or that books are difficult or boring.


    Quick Reads sets out to challenge these beliefs and to show that books and reading can be for everyone. Big name authors have written shorter, abridged versions of their books that are not as long as the originals so that they are easier to raed for less confident adults.

  • Summer Reads 2015

    It may not be the highest priority on your holiday packing list, but we strongly recommend you invest in a couple of great holiday reads for the beach/swimming pool/park/back garden this summer.


    This Summer Reads 2015 list features great crime thrillers, funny biographies and stories of holiday romances. So, have a look through our summer booklist and rush out and buy a book or two - along with suntan lotion and travel sweets - or just look out for these books at the airport.  

  • Moment of Laughter Day - April 2015

    14 April is World Moment of Laughter Day, a day where you can just take a moment, or several, to laugh at your own convenience.


    And, although you probably don't need a reason to chuckle, we've assembled a list of the best funny and homorous adult books.

  • International Women's Day

    Peruse our list of excellent books that have been written by the best female authors.


    Authors include winners of the David Cohen Prize and the Baileys Women's Prize for literature

  • National Storytelling Week

    The end of this month sees the start of National Storytelling Week, so we've hand-picked a number of great stories that either won or were shortlisted for one of last year's Book Trust-run prizes.


    From foreign fiction to short stories, we've got it all.

  • Christmas Reads 2014

    Welcome in the festive period by checking out our Christmas booklist. 


    We've got heart-warming books that will put you in the mood for Christmas as well as unorthodox stories about affairs and murder! There's definitely something for everyone on our list.


  • Occult of Personality

    Seeing as we didn't have a scary Halloween-related booklist in October, we thought we'd make it up to you in November by featuring a booklist all about the occult, as it's Occult Day on 18 November.


    So enjoy our booklist dedicated to witches, black magic and the paranormal.

  • No Way Out - in honour of David 'Waterstones Texan' Willis - who was locked in Waterstones

    Poor David Willis was locked in Waterstones store in London and his only means of escape was to reach out on Twitter. Eventually he was released, and in those hours he became an instant Twitter sensation. 


    So, in honour of poor old David Willis, we've assembled a booklist featuring novels about being trapped, whether it's in a bunker or a mundane life.


  • World Teachers' Day

    Sunday 5 October is World Teachers' Day. So, let's throw our mortar boards in the air for teachers all over the globe.

    The following A+ list contains books that feature a range of different teachers. Enjoy!


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