Book Trust in the UK and abroad

Book Trust in the UK and abroad


Book Trust changes lives through reading.


Book Trust has a vision of a society where nobody misses out on the life-changing benefits that reading can bring.  We recognise that to engage people with reading we need to adopt multi-stranded approaches - that might include reading aloud, writing about reading experiences, providing other learning resources - in order to effect social change. We run a range of programmes in England to reach children, their families and carers throughout their lives.


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Northern Ireland

Through its reader development programmes and work as an arts organisation, Book Trust in Northern Ireland makes a positive impact on children, families and local communities. In line with the rest of the UK our aim is to ensure that everyone has access to books in their home and is inspired to engage with the world of reading for pleasure and to improve their life chances.


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Book Trust Cymru is the Welsh Office of Book Trust. Funded by the Welsh Government, we encourage children in Wales to have a love of stories, rhymes and number through Bookstart, Pori Drwy Stori, Super Box and the Letterbox Club.


Dechrau Da Cymru yw Swyddfa Cymru yr elusen darllen ac ysgrifennu Book Trust. Fe’i hariennir gan Lywodraeth Cymru, ac rydym yn annog plant yng Nghymru i fwynhau straeon, rhigymau a rhifau. Cymraeg


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The Letterbox Club ran a pilot for 150 looked after children in Scotland in 2013, which gave us the opportunity to examine the specific educational needs of looked after children in Scotland with the long-term aim of making the programme available to as many eligible children as possible.


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Book Trust's Bookstart programme has extended beyond the UK's borders and there are now affiliated schemes in Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand and the Falkland Islands.


Bookstart also has links with other schemes in New Zealand, the USA and Canada amongst others. International interest in Bookstart continues to grow and we offer free affiliation to other projects throughout the world that give free books to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.


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