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Support us

Why do we need your support? Because 40% of young people live in homes containing ten books or fewer. Because parents who aren't confident readers pass that disadvantage onto their children. Because one in ten boys - almost 28,000 pupils - left primary school this summer with the reading skills of a seven-year-old.

As a supporter of Booktrust you will be making a vital contribution to tackling these needs and our aim to build a literate, connected and creative society. We are deeply committed to achieving this vision and we actively seek funding to support our reading programmes, projects, prizes, the Children's Reading Fund and other work.


Like the people who benefit from our work, Booktrust supporters come from all backgrounds and in all shapes and sizes.


Your love of reading can become a part of the remarkable Booktrust story of inspiring people of all ages to enjoy books, reading and writing. Our work supports everyone in developing their literacy, enhancing their ability to learn and communicate. Every £1 you can give is hugely appreciated and used carefully to enable Booktrust to carry out our vital work.

Giving every child the hope of a better and brighter future

This year we launched the Children's Reading Fund, which is all about improving the life chances for disadvantaged children in the UK.

Sponsorship opportunities

Booktrust wants to build relationships with like-minded partners to help fund our inspiring projects.

Booktrust and In Memory Giving

Giving in memory can be a rewarding way of remembering and celebrating a relative's or friend's life. Booktrust would be delighted to receive donations in this way.

Booktrust and Leaving a gift in your Will

Including Booktrust in your Will is the perfect way to ensure that your support for us can continue to make an impact in years to come.

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